By: Sharon Steinman

Selling My house Without Stress

Tags: Selling House, York Region Houses, Staging

According to a recent article in The Daily Mail, selling your home is the single most stressful experience you will encounter in your life. It’s even more stressful than the end of a relationship or the loss of a job. Compounding this stress is the fear of not getting the best deal possible because some member of the team isn’t moving fast enough. The good news is that there are ...Read More

By: Sharon Steinman

Am I supposed to seal my driveway?

Tags: Home Maintenance, Curb Appeal, Selling my House, Ashphalt Driveways

  If you have an asphalt driveway then keep reading.   It's a good idea to seal your driveway every two years as it helps protect the surface and prevent it from breaking down. If you don't seal asphalt water can get in the pavement and freeze and start to create cracks and potholes.  It will also help protect the driveway from extreme heat.   My personal pre...Read More

By: Sharon Steinman

Changes to Mortgage Rules

Tags: Mortgage Rules, Down payments, Deposits, CHMC

Down payments rules change on February 15th, you will no longer be able to put a 5% down payment on houses purchased over 500K, the minimum requirement has increased to 10%. Houses under 500K are still eligible for a 5% downpayment. ...Read More